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Imagine a craft that is as fast as an aircraft and travels from where you are to where you want to be, comfortably, quickly and much more efficiently.


Welcome to the world of Wing In Ground effect (WIG) craft.


We prefer to call them Sea Skimmers, because that describes what they do, better than WIG. Sea Skimmers are marine craft, boats if you like, that skim along just a few metres above the sea surface and this technology is now available for you to own.


Sea Eagle International proudly introduces the SE 6 Sea Skimming Marine craft, fully certified by Marine Authorities and available to order NOW.


If you are not familiar with Sea Skimming Marine Craft then check out our information pages about how the craft works, the SE 6 specifications, how and where it can be used, read what is happening in the world, how you could invest in this exiting technology and of course we would love to get your feedback


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