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About Us

Sea Eagle International is a private listed company formed in Australia by Mr. Chris Holloway, it has a strong Management team and the beginning of a world class marketing network with distributors in South East Asia, the Middle East and Europe already.

Chris Holloway the CEO of Sea Eagle will revolutionize the maritime transport industry and the recreational transport industry with fast, low cost, high payload Wing in Ground Effect Craft.

 The Sea Eagle 6, sea skimming marine craft was developed in conjunction with the Chinese company BDY Co Ltd.

 Sea Eagle International will take over the continued development and global marketing of the SE 6 and the subsequent models (see details of the SE 20 in What is Next, while BTF co will continue to produce the SE 6 airframes in China. All vessels will be assembled and commissioned for our customers by Sea Eagle International.

 Preparations are being made for a new manufacturing facility in Australia for the SE 20 production and assembly of the SE 6 when complete this facility will create more than 1000 direct and indirect jobs into the local community, even in these tough economic times.

 Sea Eagle International will also be selling regional manufacturing and/or marketing rights for the Sea Eagle range of Sea Skimming craft, for more information contact us and we will be more than happy to discuss the opportunities.


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