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****NEWS FLASH*****26th February 2009

Sea Eagle Australia currently holds confirmed orders for 11, SE 6 Sea Skimming craft. Advance orders for 6, SE 20 craft and qualified expressions of interest for a further 25, SE 6 craft.

The first SE 6 Sea Skimming craft is due to be delivered to its new owner very soon for operations on Port Phillip Bay in Victoria Australia. Demonstrations will be available on this craft.

Place your expression of interest and one of our sales staff will contact you

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Variation Packages explained

The Sea Eagle craft come standard with the following inclusions standard

The Sea Eagle craft come standard with the following inclusions standard

  • Plain White gloss paint above waterline your choice of red, blue green or black below the waterline.
  • Interior  fit out is fully lined and cloth upholstery
  • Instruments include primary flight and engine instruments with marine GPS navigation and radio.
  • Standard Training package includes flight conversion training for Skimmer Captain from either Coxswain or CPL.
  • Standard Maintenance Package includes Maintenance Training up to medium service standard for one staff member.


Options level 2 includes;-

  • Custom body striping in plain colors and limited signage.
  • Leather upholstery with plush carpets
  • Includes minor glass cockpit with marine collision avoidance and weather radar
  • Upgraded training package includes extra one staff member and advanced maneuvering.
  • Upgraded Maintenance package includes extra one staff member and training up to full maintenance capability.


Options level 3 includes;-

  • Custom paint and graphics.
  • Custom plush leather upholstery and carpets, fold out tables and custom trimmings.
  • Includes full glass cockpit, Marine radar, collision avoidance including synthetic vision systems.
  • Level three includes training up to Instructor/Check pilot level
  • Level three includes training up to Instructor/Inspector level

Pricing for all packages is available on request, place your expression of interest as soon as possible as waiting lists are growing.

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