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One of the beauties of Sea Skimming craft is that the bigger they are the more efficient they become. So the logical move is for us to develop and create bigger and better variations of the Sea Eagle. Development of the twenty seat, SE 20 is already well under way and many have muted even much larger craft for the future.

Future Craft        Future Craft

A major reason why Sea Skimming craft could have this advantage of size over aircraft is that for aircraft to become any bigger than they are now, new airports and infrastructure would have to be built at every port of call, costing Hundreds of Billions of Dollars. Whereas the largest Sea Skimming vehicle ever proposed (Aerocon's AR-1 wingship which is 5000 tons equal to 12 jumbo jets) is still small by marine standards, when you consider the bulk cargo ships of up to 500,000 tons. A craft of the AR-1's size would take only minor infrastructure modification to allow its handling in most ports of the world.

This potential has not been lost on the Sea Eagle Design team and many concept drawings have been muted of what a craft of this size should look like.

The need for strategic partners has also been recognized in all areas of the Sea Eagle development, Financial, Marketing, Licensed Manufacturing, Additional Research and Development to name a few. To this end proposals are being entertained and invited from interested venture partners who believe that they have skills, abilities or facilities that could be mutually beneficial in an association with Sea Eagle.

The future for Sea Eagle and all Sea Skimming WIG developments is very bright indeed, as we stand at the doorway of the birth of a new era in transport we can do nothing but wonder in awe at its true potential.



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