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If you’re in a relationship, you might get your partner a personalised gift, whether a mug, a keychain, a bit of jewellery or a giant cushion with your face on it.

But sometimes, sadly, reality doesn’t match your expectations.

Amy Compton struggled to find her new boyfriend Harry Hilton a present for his birthday, so when he told her to surprise him, she decided to get her face on a cushion.

However the joke backfired when the gift arrived with her hair cropped out of the photo and her face blown up out of proportion, leaving her in hysterics as friends compared it to an egg.

Luckily the 21-year-old nursery nurse from Romford had also bought Harry, 28, a pair of trainers he had been pining for.

She was still determined to get the pillow though and ordered a replacement cushion with more of her hair included.

Amy said: ‘I was so shocked. It didn’t arrive how I expected it to. I knew it wouldn’t be exactly like the picture but I didn’t expect it to make me look like a potato.

‘It looks like a potato. I just look like a jacket potato. It’s got a little bit of my hair on it.

‘It’s got some hair around the side, but on the top it doesn’t look like I’ve got any hair at all. ‘

Amy says the couple has only been together for a short time and she wasn’t sure what he would like but knew he would appreciate the gag gift.

‘It was banter. He’s got a good sense of humour so I knew something funny [would go down well] but that’s not what I was expecting.’

Although she is still yet to give Harry his birthday present, Amy claims it might start a new tradition for them of buying each other gifts with their faces on.

Amy said: ‘Boys are just so hard to buy for. You can get girls perfume and jewellery and things like that, but it’s so hard with boys.

‘I’m waiting until the other cushion comes and then I’ll give him that pillow and will tell him the story behind it and everything.

‘I’ll show him the pictures of it. He’ll want to see the original, but I can’t give him it because he’ll wind me up for the rest of my life.’

She added that the cushion has gone down well in her group chats and everyone finds it hilarious.

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